Earn extra money reselling our service. 

1 credit = 30 days of service


The reseller account is not time-based. This means that when you buy a reseller account, your credits will not expire. Credits allow you to create accounts for users. For example, creating 1-month account costs you 1 credit. You can sell our service as long as you have credits left. If you run out of credits, you can simply recharge your account.​

IPTV Reseller Credits Explained

When you buy a Streamsy IPTV Reseller Account you receive an Xtream Codes Panel with credits that you use to create IPTV subscriptions for your users.

To know the price of each credit, you need to divide the price of the package for the number of credits, i.e.:

Price of Package ÷ Number of Credits = Credit Price

For example, the Reseller Bronze comes with 20 credits and allows you to resell 20 subscriptions of 1 month, that cost 1 Credit each.

Reseller Packages Prices:

  • Reseller Bronze costs $160 and gives you 20 Credits (1 credit = $8)

  • Reseller Gold costs $280 and gives you 40 Credits (1 credit = $7)

  • Reseller Platinum costs $360 and gives you 60 Credits (1 credit = $6)

  • Reseller Diamond costs $550 and gives you 100 Credits (1 credit = $5.50)

Subscription Prices in Credits:

  • 12H Trial (1 connection) = 0 Credit

2 Connection:

  • 1 Month = 1 Credit

3 Connections:

  • 1 Month = 1.5 Credits

4 Connection:

  • 1 Month = 2 Credits

The rule is simple, the more credits you buy, the cheaper they get, and you can resell your subscriptions for as much as you want.

The prices above are in USD

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